Imagine that !  A rooftop garden in the heart of Durban.
And I thought that Durban needed to be among the cities of the world that did splendid things with and for their environment, because with its lush green living Durban has the potential to become known as a garden city !

I had been so inspired by a Blog I found at
https://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/rising-with-community-gardens-three-cities/   whose photography gave a glimpse into the urban gardens of Canada, growing vegetables for those in need in their cities. Particularly striking for me was the writing of Jane Jacobs, written on a wall in the city, which read :
“Cities have the capacity of providing something for everybody, only because and only when they are created by everyone.”

Then I discovered the website of the city gardens in Oranjezicht in Cape Town, – you can visit their website at  www.ozcf.co.za/gallery/    – that just fuelled the idea that Durban too can be counted among the “great garden cities”  I even dropped a hint to the chairlady of the garden club to start a combined project to make this happen !   Only to find now that Durban had a secret gem right in the centre of the city – a very unique roof top garden.  Cape Town, Vancouvor eat your hearts out !

When the COP 17 Conference  (a world conference on climate change) was held in South Africa, Durban put its best foot forward to showcase its “green creativity”.  One of the City’s projects was a Priority Zone that showed off a rooftop vegetable garden.

Recently the Durban North Garden Club – (this year celebrating their 60th anniversary as a garden club – congratulations, a remarkable milestone !) – paid the Rooftop Garden a visit and was given a guided tour by Sylvia Burger, the garden keeper, whose love for Durban and the garden shone through every pathway that she strolled us through.

Here are a few photos I took to spread environmental care, through community gardening.


IMG_5740                                      Irrigated vegetable mini tunnels.

IMG_5741                               A section of minni tunnels, with solar panel                                                                              in the background.    

Using old tyres for container gardening.                                                                                  Garden seats made from old tyres.


Plants growing in plastic cooldrink bottles
suspended by nylon thread.


Even an old shoe keeping in step with recycling !

The whole  Rooftop Garden is nature friendly, with re-cycle, re-use, reduce and re-store a strong theme repeated throughout the garden – so wholesome !
They even have a worm project for compost-making, and harvest any water-overflow from downpipes.


A beautiful Rhino crafted in wire and beads, stands large and proud,  to welcome all visitors, local and international.  It stands there boldly to remind us to care about conservation, to save the Rhino, – and as a salute to African Craft.

Well done Durban.  But this new discovery I have just made of the Rooftop Garden does not, of course, mean that a new Durban community garden project should not be pursued and emulated.  But we will have to wait and see if the seeds that are presently being scattered will find good soil to grow and flourish in to create  more community gardens, whether they be flower gardens, sustainable-living veggie gardens, suburb or township gardens, to help turn Durban into one of the garden cities of the world !


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