Minas and Talents

I like to collect thoughts and writings from other people, and have a series called God calling…. This writing will fit in nicely, as it brings fresh insight and asks the Reader for a thoughtful response to an important question… “What have you been called to do with the Mina of your Master ?”


door-fence-church-crossLast weekend, we studied the Parable of the Ten Minas; minas are coins.  It’s a lot like the Parable of the Talents except that in this version the master leaves to be made king. Not everyone is happy with this and it causes friction as do the coins and how the servants use them. I’ll provide a link here just in case you want to read the parable.

The great thing about adult Sunday school is the discussions. What do the minas represent?  Not surprisingly, most of us agreed that the minas represent our gifts from God and that we are to go out and use them for the good of all, not bury them.

Then Pastor Sean spoke up.  I love it when Pastor Sean is there because he always provides a perspective that none of us has considered.

Pastor Sean suggested that we think of the Minas as…

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