This above all :  to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

                                   –  William  Shakespeare

These are the words, that came to mind as I sat and considered my blog site of some three years now, with its anniversary coming up this month.   Just scrolling through some of it, I realise that the content has changed over the years.

As I re-read my About page it reflects the intention of the blog to keep a dream alive, to promote the fight against poverty by growing food, and for people to care for those less fortunate than themselves.

Well, as the dream faded away,  I noticed that the tone and content of my blog has changed.  Overtime, water flows under the bridge, as it usually does, and so life moves on through changed circumstances, goals, attitudes and dreams.  I am so sad about my big dream that never materialised, but have walked through the valley of disappointment, and its okay now.  God is sovereign.

I have entered the world of virtual reality by being a part of the WordPress Blogosphere and have come across some remarkable people ‘out there ‘!  In a sense it is a strange experience, real, yet not so.

I hope that my writings have brought a little interest, and a lot of encouragement to my fellow bloggers, whom I love to read !

In future, my blog will just be a place of expression, and to perhaps get better at this ‘writing thing’.  It is indeed a fine craft, with nuances, tones, tilts, and pictures-done-in words, – and of course grammar too !
I hope to write with faith hope and love in my observations and encounters on life.

So, to be true to myself, there will be a few small changes to my blog, dropping off the foundation,  (the dream) and just going with CareSA.   For consistency, and easy recognition, I’m keeping my olive twig as a logo.


Thank you for your visits, your comments and your interest in my blog.
Hugs to you all, and happy blogging in the years ahead.

Red rose

CareSA Foundation is a dream to hold other dreams, like a dream catcher if you will. Originally it was initiated to be a platform for encouragement and networking Christians working together, and separately, in community development and for poverty alleviation purposes.

As it grew from concept to a brief reality, into the CareSA Community Network, gathering momentum in networking.  But initiating a newsletter to encourage community co-hearts, and promoting food gardens was, I suspect, the forerunner of this very Blog.

Through the CareSA Community Network many campaigns for poverty alleviation were initiated and executed viz. The Care Bag with seeds for  food gardens;  The Two Can – food collection;  Have a Heart – food collection to fill Care Bags;  1000 Little Deeds of Kindness – Knitting squares for blankets;  Red Beanie Kindness Brigade – knitting red beanies for underprivileged children.  All these were campaigns against poverty.   One project, the Garden Project, giving seeds for food gardens remains, and will hopefully (yes, dream big !) grow into the Care Africa Movement, with the slogan : Grow a garden in your yard,   Grow a garden in your heart.  In other words, grow your own food, and grow your own soul.  See the heart of the matter in my first blog post : https://caresafoundation.wordpress.com/2015/04

With new political developments in South Africa, more concepts and writings were done.
See the Menu bar –  the SA Writing – that give the history of these dreams, showing the zeal for a New South Africa, and subconsciously perhaps, building on the dream for unity and equality of Nelson Mandela.    https://caresafoundation.wordpress.com/sa-writings/

An entrepreneurial enterprise called CareSA Designs was started to follow the concept of… “from poverty to progress through a work ethic” – so needed in the new South Africa.
This enterprise continues to grow through the skill of crochet craft selling through community craft markets.  See :  https://caresafoundation.wordpress.com/caresa-designs/

Time brings change, and to not let the dreams or rather concepts go altogether it was decided to draw all together under an umbrella called the CareSA Foundation, with the purpose to bring encouragement to more people on the Internet to be mindful,  especially of those who find themselves in lack and difficult poverty situations, on any level, whether it be body, soul or spirit,  in our societies.

So the Dream(s) lives on, even though the reality is fading, but in a sense I can say that I am still living my dream !
Want to help me build on my dream ?
plant a care garden in your yard, plant a care garden in your heart.
Join the Care Africa Movement.


December 2018



7 thoughts on “About”

  1. It will be great to see such a dream take form across various communities, offering hope and confidence at basic levels – a foundation on which to build further. My first visit to Africa was only a few months ago where we have a partnership with a conference of churches in Zimbabwe. To dream and implement simple enhancements that bring community together is great currency.

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  2. re Your SA writings (wanted to reblog and share)
    ‘And now, go, write it before them on a tablet,
    and inscribe it in a book,
    that it may be for the time to come
    as a witness for ever.’
    Isaiah 30:8 (RSV)
    Michael Cassidy in his book A Witness For Ever

    Happy writing, Carol


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