Shades of Self

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “This Is Your Song.”

Knowing me, Knowing you is a song often sung.
But do I know me?
In solitude I am so fine.  And am always right!
Can climb the highest mountain, reach the heights.
Yet in conversations with you, my halo dims, the varnish shifts, my layers thin.
And if I look into the mirror I see some shades of me I never knew.
So I’ve gathered them together, my collectables if you like, to share with you. Straight from the shelf.
Not all good looking, these shades of self.
There is the Wannabee, the Lookatme, the Knowitall and the Toldyouso.
The ever present Babbler, and lest I forget these waiting in the wings  the Mender, the Bender, the Defender, often times the Pretender, the Spender and the ever ready Opinionator too.
Now, herein lie some stories, characters in tact.
Weave the threads together, bring in the gold.
Let it perhaps show, your shades of self, in your song sung too.


5 thoughts on “Shades of Self”

  1. I really liked this. What you were trying to say came across. I have often used the subject of mirrors in things I write. I haven’t taken a look at the days assignment so I’ll have to go see how this fits. Coincidentally I wrote about a mirror in my last post on ( I have 2 blogs) The post is about grief. I will check out more of what you’ve written.


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