The First Line of Defence

Einstein said   “Our sense of wonder is our sense of God”
I couldn’t agree more.  I love the sense of wonder, as it gives me a feeling of  my horizons being extended.

I had this feeling, believe it or not, while reading and researching the benefits of
Coenzyme Q 10  – a component that is important for the building up of the immune system, which is vital for good health.  This led me to discover my lymphatic and immune systems.  Wonder systems in their own right !

Boring you might say, but oh no, not when it is written in terms of engagement and the concepts of warfare.
Now imagine a city on a hill, of whom the mayor, the honourable Mrs Good-loo King,  who makes all decision in all matters, is the chief citizen.  This city has its very own personal defence system to keep it clean and disease free and guard against any would be malicious enemies.

No, the enemies are not invading Turks, Arabs, Romans or Russians.   The enemies are the invisible inhabitants of an invisible world, the world of bacteria, virus, and fungi – pathogens and antigens !  And a sneaky bunch they are too.  Not to be sniffed at, as they can be skilfully deceptive to gain access to my city, and can cause major infection.

lymph polixw
To my delight I came to realise that, in my city’s arsenal, the first line of  defence were a troop of assassination killers – that asked no questions, hear no lies, and shoot from the hip, purposely intending to kill and to destroy any would be invader that meant harmful destruction,  – the Phagocytes ! (white blood cells)  And after the warring attack on my cells are over, they call in the Macrophages and Monocytes.  “These are large cells that act as killer scavengers, with the unique ability to engulf and digest foreign micro organism and antigens “  – to clean up the mess left behind.   I love the Phagocytes !

As amazing as the lymphocytes are, is the manner in which they operate.  It took a little time for me to wrap my mind around the workings of the immune system.  This with the help of the book I read : The Miracle Nutrient Coenzyme Q10  written by Emile G. Bliznakov M.C. and Gerald L. Hunt.   Publisher Bantam Books.
“The immune system is able to distinguish between “self” and “nonself” and it will act accordingly.  It also has a memory for ‘faces’ individual chemical markers that are displayed by foreign proteins.     The immune intelligence remembers  past invaders and reacts.”
How amazing is that !!

These Lymphocytes, are the ground troops that carry out the work of surveillance, identifying the enemy then ruthlessly kill and destroy foreigners, and are but a part of a network of vessels similar to the blood vessels.  The blood vessels are the carriers of nutrients and life to all my cells.

No small regimental army this !  Highly operational,  and there are other strategically positioned outposts in my city to detect an enemy invasion e.g. the tonsil,s  the appendix,  the clumps of lymphoid tissue in the small intestine known as Peyer’s patches.


“The lymphatic system itself is the line of supply,” (crucial in warfare), “throughout the immune network.  The whole system is lined by lymph nodes, which are small bean-shaped structures spread throughout the body. Strings of lymph nodes can be found in  the groin, abdomen, armpits and neck.      Lymph nodes act as depositories for cells of the immune system and also as centres for disposing of the remains of dead (or deceased) micro organisms.”

Highly strategically organised and efficient warfare with a sweeping surveillance with swift action to destroy an incoming enemy !
And strangely there is no manual to follow, no protocol to adhere to, no General in charge to issues orders when attacked, it is as if they exist only to do their work on their own accord.   When they get triggered, war happens !
Amazing, amazing the human body !

I wonder, if Christians were as quick to react to the incoming wrongs and injustices in our societies, if there would be less chaos and despair in the world ?   We too may be, the first line of defence, in a world where oppression, crime and lies seem to be the order of the day.   Of course we can’t kill, but we can expose them for what they are, and nullify the damage they cause.
However I digress.

Being stressed-out is the malady of our times, – in a world where everything has been innovated and invented to make our lives better, easier and faster !  But too much stress is not a friend of our immune system !  We would be wise to make time to slow down a little and bring a good dollop of fun, and mindful reflection, to balance our overworked minds.
Malnutrition, often undetected, is another malady.  I believe supplements can be helpful, but in all I have read, many if not most recommend that we get our nutrients, vitamins and minerals from God-made food like fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts.
For good health, good nutrition is our first line of defence, and starts with the natural foods we eat.

And for that reason Mayor Good-loo King will need to do a little more research to make the best decisions for the health and well being of her city !

This snapshot of information, done tongue in cheek,  has done no justice whatsoever to the complicated work of the lymphatic system.  And though I do not fully comprehend it all,  my sense of wonder was rekindled as I discovered my brave lymphatic and immune systems – and the goodness of God in His amazing design of the human body.

O LORD, how manifold are your works !  Psalm 104:24

Human body systems


But for now, excuse me, as I go and top up  my plate with a whole lot more broccoli, drizzled with just an itsy-bit of lemon butter and a sprinkle of black pepper.

plate of broccoli

Remember to love your Phagocytes, and eat your greens !

   You are the light of the world.  A city set on a hill cannot be hidden  Matthew 5:14