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and the lovely photography of the beautiful and very vivid murals by artist Jose Mariano Quintero – that serve as handcrafted reminders to us to be more mindful of our environment, especially so our oceans, which we use as dumping grounds for our waste  –  and this to our own peril  !!

May it urge us to take little steps in intelligent consumerism, and to avoid the use of plastic, that ends up detrimental to our Sea Life here on earth.


The sleepy beach town of San Juan del Sur Nicaragua has some awesome outdoor murals. The murals are thirty meters in length, And depict sea creatures native to Nicaragua. The artist who painted them is Jose Mariano Quintero. He also contributed murals to Nicaragua’s National Assembly. The artist’s purpose in painting these murals was to […]

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Meet Valentine


Meet Valentine


Valentine is a Barn Owlet that lives at The Hollow somewhere in rural California, the home of photography Cindy Knoke.  She takes delight in capturing the critters and creatures on her property, and her love for them shows in the clear photographs she is renowned for.
I visit her blog often, and just loved her Baby Valentine (she names her little critters and creatures.)  I asked her permission to draw Valentine, because he looked so love-able with his heart face and turmeric colours, and she kindly consented.

I thought he would be easy to draw with my coloured pencils.  Just a round face with a heart in it, lots of colour, a few feathers and it would be done in a jiffy.
The project turned out to be quite intense, and I spent many individual hours trying to capture a replica of this beautiful bird.

One night, after a concentrated drawing session I went to bed, laid my head on my pillow,  closed my eyes to sleep – and all I saw were yellow feathers and freckles !!  As I drifted off in sleep I wondered if I was nothing but a ‘feather-brain’ after-all  …..  “they”
say you become what your observe !  🙂

He was a delight to draw, and of course the many hours it took to draw him is because I am still such a novice at this drawing stuff.   Drawing, unlike painting, does take time, but its such fun to create something from a blank page.

So enjoy my version, but do go over to Cindy’s blog,   here
and scroll down till you meet up with the real Baby Valentine.

I am quite sure you will be as delighted by him, and Cindy’s  photography,  as I am.


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