When the Floods come.


The south-east corner of southern Africa, Mocambique, parts of Malawi and Zimbabwe  have been severely beaten by the worst floods ever remembered in these regions.
This year, the rainy season brought with it devastating floods.   Cyclone Idai came destroyed and dissipated.
The city of Beira in Mocambique was hit hard with about 90% of the city wiped out !    It is almost unthinkable the devastation caused by this cyclone.

Many people have lost their lives and it has been said that about 3 thousand have been displaced, and have absolutely nothing to their name.
Some were caught unawares and ended up in the branches of trees as the muddy flood waters swirled around them.  Some had to wait five days for help to arrive.   Large areas were inaccessible for the water covered the earth.


Flood Mocambique.jpg

These were the snippets of news that came in sparsely as we waited for more information on the aftermath of this catastrophic cyclone.   Even still the whole picture is not yet seen, and only the news agents who are able to air scout the region have a better understanding of the vastness of the real situation.
Apart from an immediate muddy future, there are the diseases of cholera and malaria that accompany flood disasters that have to be contended with, the sick needing immediate and urgent attention.   This apart from ongoing food and fresh water supplies needed for the people to survive this calamity.

It has been a hard and devastating blow for the people of Mocambique, and my heart goes out to them.  I decided to make a small contribution toward some form of relief, but  waited for the right connection.   That was when I received an appeal letter from MAF – Mission Aviation Fellowship, who do Christian aviation relief work, internationally and  particularly so in Africa.

Maf plane

MAF are making a small difference and according to their letter work alongside Mercy Air, who rescue people, deliver cargo and put in many hours of flight time to bring relief to the crisis situation.    Here is a brief paragraph from their newsletter :

“We have been conducting survey flights and working with Mercy Air to deliver, food, tents, hygiene kits, family kits and other items from Chimoio to Beira for use at the Internally Displaced People (IDP)  Camp for those stranded by flooding.   There are still people stranded on roof, turfs of land and trees.   Please continue to pray for the many people displaced by this crisis, especially those that may still be stranded somewhere.   ….”

Should you want to know more of the work of MAF you can read at  www.mafsa.co.za

I responded to their call for donations, but felt it was such a miniscule pinhead gesture in a flooding of overwhelming problems and needs.  The feeling of inadequacy and futility surfaced, and I was glum.

However giving it some thought,  and after reading MAF’s  appeal letter and having seen other TV reports,  I realised that the very swift response from the South African Defence Force,  World health organisations, aid and medical agencies responding to this disaster, – there was also a flood of goodness flowing to Mocambique,  not in murky waters, but in the crystal clear water of goodness and mercy, care and love, in the practical form of very needed rescue and relief supplies.

The South African government has pledged a sixty million rand donation, as well as other wealthy businesses and foundations giving funds toward this crisis.   May this open the stream of funding that can help rebuild this nation.
But not only in monitory terms, but in necessary supplies of food,  water, hygiene items, and my heart’s desire, school necessities like pens, pencils, crayons, books, Bibles and vegetable seeds for the growing of food for an ongoing food supply.

May God bless Africa, the ongoing rescue and relief work, especially Mocambique, its people and its regional neighbours Zimbabwe and Malawi – at such a time as this.
Please pray continually,  for after the aftermath of the devastation the help and aid agencies will leave and a great work of  rebuilding and normality will have to be hewn out of the muddy mess.

My heart took wings, and I realised there is still so much good and goodness in our world today – despite the horrors that get the limelight in the news coverage.
Even the in ugly face of calamity there is some good, and I reckon we should always look for the good in every situation of life  –  for it is there, and often in life-changing abundance too !

May goodness rule in the calamities of life, but when the floods come, keep in mind these words from

Isaiah 59:19

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him


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