Care Africa Movement Project

When will you arise.

Who holds you down,
Who pins you to the ground.
Is it the Tribalism of your past,
The Colonials in your history.
Or the shackles of greed your Leaders so readily display.

How did you fall into poverty, and decide to stay that way.
When will you look to progress, and a new day.
Are you your own Jailer, that only can unlock the gate.
How long will you make us wait.
Or is it just to easy to blame, instead of getting into the game.

The World awaits, and cheers you on,
And knows well you can go from a begging bowl,
to a bread basket soul.
Reach out to Almighty God to lift you out of your poverty,
Reach for your prosperity, reach for your plenty,
Plenty to grow and plenty to share.

Africa when will you arise,
When will you go,
To plant your Care Gardens,
In your soil, and in your soul.
Africa  O  Africa,
When will you arise,
Shine your light out of the dark past
into the brightness of an honest future,

Now, the time has come,
Africa … Arise !


The Garden of God’s Heart

There Care Gardens series that form part of the Care Africa movement project, could not be completed without including The Garden of God’s heart. But where do I start? So I came across this GPS (God’s Positioning Scripture) at Genesis 2:8-10, and that’s where I’ll start.  It is a marvellous piece of writing using great economy of words and descriptions that beckon the imagination to draw near.   Apart from that, the scene is set for God to delight in His garden.  In fact I heard it said that Eden means “delight”. And note that a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it parted and became four riverheads – a rich place of mineral deposits, with which God could work to form mankind from the dust.  When you think of God’s garden you will have to think big, think high, think deep, think wide and think big provision.  His garden is Big.

“The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed.  And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.   The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.   Now a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it parted and became four riverheads.”

In the garden of God’s heart, apart from all the wonders of His creation, and the magnificent works of His hands, there are two trees – the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the Tree of life – from these two trees the story of mankind unfolds.  And your story and my story are written within His story, a story within a story you may say!

He has set His story in a garden, and written a book about it.  He picks up on a theme of a people He has called and develops the story through a man named Abraham, the father of a faith-people in the making, using faith words of course, because God lives in the realm of faith.  What is faith you may ask? Well it is described as this :
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
His garden is a “now place”, a living ever growing faith garden, and His river of love waters it.

You may have become intrigued by the story, go read further for yourself in the Old Testament of the Bible.  It may take you many years of reading before you can put the pieces of the story together, but it is a Living Book and a life long read  A history of a people that have great men who do miraculous feats, jam packed actions of kings and wars and nations, mysteries and rich rich wisdom and insights in understanding the condition of the human heart, revelations of things deep and dark secrets, reserved for those who like to seek things out.     Truly greatness on every level.
Just when you think you’ve heard and read it all, the story dramatically changes and turns inside out, and now it gets very personal, for it begins to effect the garden of your own heart.  The New Testament, the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the good news for all of mankind – leads one heaven-bound to a garden where Peace reigns.   God has set His love on you and me by sending His son Jesus Christ to call you back into His garden, into His story, where He wants to be the Gardener of your heart, and make all things new and wonderful in and through you.  The story of Jesus, turns deep into the soul, the spirit and the mind,  – God’s mind !
When you ask Jesus into your heart, you become the garden of God’s heart. The place where God dwells, a veritably garden of Eden – God’s Delight – yes you, and me.

Join the Care Africa movement project,
Plant a garden in your yard – put a few (or many) vegetable seeds in the soil, nurture, water and watch them grow.
Plant a garden in your heart – read the Bible every day, meditate on the words you read and watch yourself grow.
Happy gardening!
If you want to send me a photo of your gardens, perhaps I can make a gallery of gardens on my Blog at

The Garden of Your Heart

Just to keep track of the Care Africa movement project I am continuing with the concept of Care Gardens.  The main focus of the project is to encourage people, especially in Africa, where there is so much poverty, to plant a care garden in their yards as a means to combat poverty.   By not only providing food there is much to learn from the science of nature, from the soil, the seed and the benefits of good nutrition.   For instance, to produce a good healthy crop of vegetable plants that flowers e.g. tomatoes, brinjals, strawberries etc. you may add to the soil the following : Half a cup of Ammonia mixed with 2 cups water,  300 ml beer, and 1 cup Epsom Salts.  Mix well and add 30 ml of this mixture to 5 litres of water, and use to feed fruiting plants.  This is a recipe that a Virologist gave me, I tried it and had the tastiest tomatoes ever. Go ahead try it. Get practical and Happy Gardening!

All gardens need to be cultivated, those in yards, and those in hearts.  Just as the soil needs to be nourished, so too does the soul need to be nourished.   Take a little time out and do an exercise in solitude, in nature if you can.  Quietly take note of what you feel, see, hear, touch, smell and  taste, then say thank you – say thank you for all the blessings that are just lingering there for you.  Be sure to add value to your soul by listening to uplifting music, reading good books, reading the Bible everyday will be like medicine for your soul for it is full of wisdom, strength and comfort whenever your soul needs it.  I take it everyday, I call it my “Gos pills”! My soul can’t do without them.

When tending to your soul be on the look out for poisonous plants, especially in the Garden of Despair.   Some deep seated seed grow deep roots in dark places, in fact thrive on and feed off the dark and negative thoughts.  Watch out for these.  They are toxic, dangerous and poison to the soul – and will effect those in proximity to your garden!   Call your Gardener at once.   Toxic thoughts come from bad memories, and can pop up at any time.  Recognise them, look for the roots from where they have grown so that He can pull them out – roots and all.    Then apply the good ointment of Forgiveness.  This is essential, as Forgiveness is a antiseptic, antibacterial anti viril and essential for cleaning out the wound in the soul.  Sprinkle the wound with a dusting of thanks too as this accelerates the healing.  Be constantly on the look out for other pathogens like Jealousy, this is an ugly plant,  Anger that can quickly turn to Hatred – quite potent,  Disappointment – often camouflaged in full sight, and the trailing Resentment that can entangle a choke other healthy plants in your garden.

Tend to your soul, its the essence of you.   Happy Gardening!

Shades of Self

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “This Is Your Song.”

Knowing me, Knowing you is a song often sung.
But do I know me?
In solitude I am so fine.  And am always right!
Can climb the highest mountain, reach the heights.
Yet in conversations with you, my halo dims, the varnish shifts, my layers thin.
And if I look into the mirror I see some shades of me I never knew.
So I’ve gathered them together, my collectables if you like, to share with you. Straight from the shelf.
Not all good looking, these shades of self.
There is the Wannabee, the Lookatme, the Knowitall and the Toldyouso.
The ever present Babbler, and lest I forget these waiting in the wings  the Mender, the Bender, the Defender, often times the Pretender, the Spender and the ever ready Opinionator too.
Now, herein lie some stories, characters in tact.
Weave the threads together, bring in the gold.
Let it perhaps show, your shades of self, in your song sung too.

The Mind

I once heard it playfully said, of all the things I’ve lost its my mind I miss the most !!

What a wonderful thing a sound mind is. Not until you have rubbed shoulders with mental illness, whether it be anxiety, depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia or other related mind issues, will you ever truly know how wonderful a sound mind is.  It is our most treasured possession.

I once was in the company of people who worked in caring organisations.   One man, who worked for the Disabled in our community, said this of broken humanity (those who have disabilities and afflictions) – “It is the cracked ones who let the light shine through”  I understood what he meant, and have tucked that saying away in my heart to remind me of the value that people with disabilities give to those of us who are “normal”.   And yes that begs the question – what is normal ?  Whatever the answer is to that I thank God for “normal” – for that is the place where we all have to return and resort to from time to time.  Normal is good.

I have also heard it said, that the mind is an extension of oneself,  and that the environment is an extension of the mind.  These are large thoughts.   And speaking of thoughts, which unfold in the brain, should we not inquire into the anatomy of the brain to learn more?  Thoughts, like words are very very powerful ! We need to know and to guard our thoughts.  To recognise negative thoughts that can be toxic and do damage to ourselves and to others (often through our words), – and change their direction into positive thoughts, which is good mental health.

In my observations on the mind, and mental health, I would so agree that  it is the cracked ones who let the light shine through, for it is this light that reflects into our own hearts to reveal what is there.  Often I see a turning away in awkwardness, and I can understand that, sometimes it is a scoffer with no heart at all, and I want to despise that, and there are those so full of pride  and have no time for the weak, the sick and the afflicted, and that is sad.  But then you get those who are timid, yet kind, and reach out in whatever small gesture to “the broken ones”, –  that fills my heart for then I know that love reigns there.   Yes in their way, the broken ones are light bringers, and we should be mindful of them for they have much to teach us.

Sitting gazing over the ocean one clear sunny day, I heard the Lord say in my heart :
Do you see the ocean before you?  Yes I said, well those are all the tears I cry for the disabled and afflicted ones.   How wide, how deep His love goes.

My Dream Reader/s

I hope to attract not only one, but many dream readers. In my mind’s eye I have arranged signature reading spaces into which they may gather to read the writings of my mind, and if liked, will respond with curiosity, reflection and integrity.
The Mindful Reading Space :  Readers who like to think on life and life-matters.   Readers with good mental health – and those who minister to the mind, even those who may have a battle of the mind. Observers, Students and Researchers – especially into schizophrenia , neuroscience and brain functions.
Readers who like to inquire into the things of the mind, especially the mind of God, and the Bible, which is the mind of God.

The Health and Wholeness Reading Space : Readers who have insight and knowledge on health, healing and wholeness –
especially on nutrition.

Caring Reading Space:  Caring people who care about others and their communities.  Readers who have compassion, and tell of the expression of their faith and their compassion viz. Community Co-hearts.

Faraway Friends Space : in eager expectation I would like to hear from my Faraway Friends whom I have corresponded with over the last few years through my CareSA Chronicles newsletter.

Family Space :  Last, but not least, my family so dear to my heart, who I know will bring me to the base line of simplicity, honesty and normality.

The General Reading Space :  there awaits, I am sure, a number of readers who will bring me a glimpse into their own
wonderful worlds and fascinating minds, where I will see faith, hope and love in action.

These roomy spaces are open, friendly, hopefully comfortable – and waiting for your arrival.

Welcome to my mind –  I mean Blog at CareSA Foundation.