Be True


 This above all :  to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

                                   –  William  Shakespeare

These are the words, that came to mind as I sat and considered my blog site of some three years now, with its anniversary coming up this month.   Just scrolling through some of it, I realise that the content has changed over the years.
As I re-read my About page it reflects the intention of the blog to keep a dream alive, to promote the fight against poverty by growing food, and for people to care for those less fortunate than themselves.

Well, as the dream faded away,  I noticed that the tone and content of my blog has changed.  Overtime, water flows under the bridge, as it usually does, and so life moves on through changed circumstances, goals, attitudes and dreams.  I am so sad about my big dream that never materialised, but have walked through the valley of disappointment, and its okay now.  God is sovereign.

I have entered the world of virtual reality by being a part of the WordPress Blogosphere and have come across some remarkable people ‘out there ‘!  In a sense it is a strange experience, real, yet not so.

I hope that my writings have brought a little interest, and a lot of encouragement to my fellow bloggers, whom I love to read !

In future, my blog will just be a place of expression, and to perhaps get better at this ‘writing thing’.  It is indeed a fine craft, with nuances, tones, tilts, and pictures-done-in words, – and of course grammar too !
I hope to write with faith hope and love in my observations and encounters on life.

So, to be true to myself, there will be a few small changes to my blog, dropping off the foundation,  (the dream) and just going with CareSA.   For consistency, and easy recognition, I’m keeping my olive twig as a logo.


Thank you for your visits, your comments and your interest in my blog.
Hugs to you all, and happy blogging in the years ahead.

Red rose


11 thoughts on “Be True”

  1. I’m sorry to know that your ‘big dream’ didn’t materialise in the way you initially thought. This kind of outlet may be a way to make up in some small way. I am still ‘wet’ when it comes to this blogging thing, but I enjoy putting thoughts down, and have found encouragement here. Don’t stop dreaming!! God Bless you in your endeavours!!

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  2. It is a blessing to see how God moves us on from our own dreams to His. I encourage you to continue writing as He speaks to your heart. After eight years, I look back and see how far He has brought me and the WordPress Christian Community He has been building for His glory and our joy. We continue to grow together and look forward to what you have to share. Blessings, as you are one of the precious stones. 🙂

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    1. Wow Frances, what words of encouragement.
      I never thought of it like that. You have such a way of writing with another perspective, that let’s more light in. Thank you !


  3. Dearest Carol , keep in mind that success in the spiritual realm is measured differently to the physical realm. I walked next to you for a short period of time when you were working towards fulfilling your dream, which I believe was God’s dream.

    I saw how people overcame their challenges and improved their circumstances through your efforts. I recall the ice cream tubs you filled with toiletries for people that were caught in the midst of disaster. Whether it be a house that burnt down, or members of a family at the police station after domestic violence. I remember a room filled with like minded people whom you encouraged by your continuous efforts. Even the vermi compost project bore fruit in my life when I attempted worm farming many years later.

    Amongst others you sowed the most important seed, the word of God, the bible. Always keep in mind that God’s arithmetic is different to ours. You shared the gospel with many. That seed was like the shining stars in the night sky. They appear to be dormant, but the darkness can not overcome them. They continue to shine even if the clouds cover them. They might not be visible, but they continue to shine. God’s word never returns void. Never.

    Be of good chear because the results of pursuing your dream will make you stand in awe one day. It is true, the glory belongs to God, but keep in mind you are his extended hands and feet.

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    1. Thank you Gene for your visit. Bowled over, and shed a tear at your generous comments. Here I thought I was a nil on a contract and you just added another couple of zeros – made me feel like a million dollars. Thank you friend ! It brought back memories of special times and special people, of which you are one. Blessings on you and your family, and on your new ventures. ❤

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  4. As long as we discover our true self and inner calling, and stay committed to it, we will always be directed and redirected towards achieving it. Trust me Carol, you have not moved on at all. You are still in the divine path. You’ve got a good heart, and God will always guide you in the way you should go to enable you continue to be a source of blessing to humanity. Remain blessed my dear. You are a rare gem indeed.💕

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