The Road of Rejection



Well I have finally arrived on the road of rejection.  And I am delighted !

I have always written things down. I have written tons of journals on my thoughts and aspirations.  Writing is my go-to-place for clarity and direction.  At first it was just little Scriptures and words of wisdom that I gleaned from the Bible.  Words that became instructions on life, precepts and concepts, and building blocks for thoughts, belief and values – constructs of my mind for moral,  social, economic and environmental issues.  It is amazing the influence it has had my mind, and on my life.  And for that, I am so grateful.

I have tried to write fiction, and failed dismally !   I have tried to write poetry, and did not even make the water’s edge, never mind plunge the depths that poetry may require.  Maybe a report here or there flickered on a path called journalism – I would have liked to pursue, but never did.  But words and thoughts and writings, particularly other people’s writings,  always had a special place in my life.   I must just be a Word person.

Words are immensely powerful.  Someone once said  they are carriers of  emotions, of faith, hope, of love  –  and the stirrer of lies, fear, hate and wars !   They are containers for knowledge and education. They are the record keepers of history.   They express the revelations of science.  Words communicate, that is simply what they do.  Where, indeed would we be without words?   We would be in the dark, with no candle !

WordPress,  and the world of blogging has been a delight for me.  I get to read and I get to write.   It is such an interesting place, this virtual space of words, where we get to embed our personalities  in our writing, and just maybe someone reads us, once in a while. And even better, makes a comment or two to say that they passed by this way.
Blogging has a way of growing you.   I started blogging to keep my dream alive.   I once read somewhere that,  writing will bring outside what is one the inside.   I found that this is true, and its essential for growth.  It is a getting to know yourself, a learning curve of life.
I have deviated from the original purpose of my blog.  Now I write about all things that interest me.   I write longer blogs.  I have found pictures help dull posts.
I have even made a submission to a magazine calling for a writing on a certain subject – and been rejected !!    I am delighted, because I recall the words of another up and coming author who said :  you have to be willing to be rejected at least fifty times, before you finally get published.  Forty nine to go –  I am on my way !!

I have yet to find my genre of writing.  Perhaps it is the essay, perhaps I will be an essayist one day –  who knows ?  But the pinnacle for me would be to write and publish a book.   I am a wannabe writer who wants to become a published author !   You gotta have dreams man !!
It was for this reason that I attended a  Writer’s summit, where they kindly and gently laid out the path on how to become published.  It’s quite simple : Think, Write and Publish !
Think,  Write,  Edit,  Design a layout and  cover for the book,  get an ISBN number, the Printing, and the Distribution.
Not to mention the royalties you get from each book sold, that is if you sell any at all !

Of course there is much more to this simple formula.  It is finding the avenues you have to follow,  the process is difficult.  But one thing is sure, I will have to travel on the road of rejection before I can conquer the mountain of being published.
I was secretly encouraged by a comment I made to a lady who was sitting next to me at the summit.   She told me that she had written three children’s book, her husband was an editor, but she has never published her books.  I quite cheekily said  “why would you write a book and not publish it ?”  –  words that I keep in my head, to keep me writing my book !
I know my journey with words may take forever, but each rejected submission I get, will bring me a little closer to my aspiration.   The rejection road may be long and lonely, but I am sure the scenery along the way will be splendid !

  The grass withers and the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.
Isaiah 40:8

light peach blooms

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