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It was, for me, a sad day indeed when I heard that America, the leading nation of the world announced that their Supreme Court had granted their approval on same sex marriages.   I have kept my ears and heart open to hear responses to this “evolved” declaration, and have been surprised by the gentleness on how this has been received. To me, it almost hinges on the catastrophic for the soul of a nation. Sad indeed.

I don’t want to have any kind of theological debate (I know I’ll lose!) Yet my heart has been tugged so hard at, that the least I can do is to write about it, and give my voice to this reluctant discourse.

To my mind, there are the law institutions which hold in themselves the highest law of the land, and society has to abide by it.  This is essential to maintain justice, peace and equality for all.   Society needs law and order, or else there will be chaos, and more injustice.   The Law is essential.    But even the highest law of the land is surpassed by the Moral Law, which is often undeclared, unseen, and unheralded.   The Moral Law is there for the soul – for the invisible justice !  If the Legal Law is broken there can be a shattering of a life, if the Moral Law is broken then there can be a shattering of the soul, – and that of a nation too !   Ignorance of both the Legal and Moral Law holds no excuse, and it must and will run its course, until justice has been performed.

There is no excuse, for we all have the knowledge of good and evil.  It is in our DNA, we all have been wired to know what is good and what is bad.  It is called our conscience ! Some may ignore it, some may deny it, some may be deceived by it, some may turn heaven and hell around to defend it, but when all is told, we know what is right and we know what is wrong.  We may not understand the mechanics of it, or care about the consequences as long as we have our own way with it.   It plays itself out in the choices we make in life !  God has designed us with a free will.  He is Sovereign in all things – all things – but we get to make the choices for our own lives – sometimes in ignorance, sometimes in foolishness, sometimes with calculated risks, and sometimes with graceful wisdom, whichever way… the choice is still ours to make.

Taking another angle on the matter I want to quote a few words  from Alan Webster’s QT 2/7/2015  concerning God’s love and sovereignty and paradoxes :
“God can be all loving but also not always act in a loving way – or so it seems from our point of view.   The latest furore that has been created by the Supreme Court decision in the US is turned around at Christians who don’t agree and castigates them for being unloving.  It is interesting that it is not just marriage that has been redefined, but Love too.    Why do we paint the truth in a rainbow of colours to suit the listeners rather than tell it like it is.   We love the Saviour part of Him, but squirm under His Lordship.  Will we also turn away when confronted by the Truth?”

It seems to me that the world is changing, and rapidly at that, and some of us are being left behind.   What is right has become wrong and what is wrong has now become right and acceptable.  Where have the values that stood the test of time gone – into our fickle human rights ?   Where are the ancient paths to follow ?    It is, for me, a sad day in the history of our times.

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Psalm 57:8  ….. Put my tears into Your bottle.


9 thoughts on “A SAD DAY”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I went to the link, and am now even more sad. The post and the many comments there reveal such deception. Flying on man’s wisdom and not on God’s wisdom is deceptive, and deception is dangerous. The Truth, not always easy to receive, is the ultimate standard to build our lives upon.
      It does not help at all to sugar-coat homosexuality, it is sin. Sin taints us all, and we all stand guilty before God one way or another…but we have hope, when we invite Jesus Christ into our hearts, God forgives us all our sins, and we become a new creation in Christ – a fresh page to write our lives on, a second chance.
      All is forgiven ! That is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Freedom from guilt, freedom from feeling “the victim” and from perceived persecution – which, according to some of those comments, seem to be the mantra of the Gay community.
      Receiving Jesus into our hearts is a choice, and then, by the grace of God, begins the long walk of faith to a renewed mind and a restored life – He makes everything beautiful in His time.


  1. Hello Carol,

    You have such an eloquent way about you when you lament. I have read other somber things that you have written and you have a Psalmist’s heart.

    You have already read my thoughts on the matter. I only want to add that perhaps it’s only legal state-issued marriages that has been redefined. God’s definition of marriage seems intact and interestingly enough, His definition (as near as I can tell from Scriptures) needs no legal approval. So, as we watch the State redefine itself and its practices, take comfort that God’s divine institutions have not been undermined. Thanks, Carol.


  2. Your post was written well. I can understand how you feel, based on your faith. You weren’t judgmental or hateful and I read comments by many people who say they are Christian and yet are filled with so much hate for people who don’t believe the way they do. Myself, I am Buddhist. You would find many of the teachings are about the same things. One reply mentioned, you reap what you sow. In Buddhism it is called the law of cause and effect It is the same thing. But you think it is God’s plan where we see it as the plan we create ourselves by the causes we make. Most people practice what they learned growing up by family and community, but 28 years ago I chose Buddhism. I do believe it important to respect other’s choices if they are sincerely applying what they learn to become a better human being. I practice Nichiren Buddhism. I believe it important to learn about other faiths. Not to “convert” them but to have a better understanding. You might find this interesting. http://sgi-usa.org.

    I also wanted to say this. Homosexuality is not a choice. Yes, I know some choose, especially if they have been hurt by someone. I think that may be mostly women who have been abused by men. I have never met a gay man who at the onset wanted to be gay. They wanted to be straight. It causes so much psychological damage to try to be someone you aren’t. It would be like you trying hard to be a lesbian and yet you can’t. You don’t want to be with a woman. Should you just resign yourself to be unhappy instead of being with the one you love? Being shut out of hospital rooms because you aren’t family? There have always been gay people. Whether they are “legally” married or living together doesn’t change anything. It is hard belonging to a faction of society who is deemed to be ” less than” others and there are many of these different groups who fight to be equal. There are many more other important issues about our declining society that really do hurt people we need to focus on. Have a great day.


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